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Chelsi, CVT, Lead Technician


Sedalia, CO

My Favorite Story About A Pet:

One time when I was younger, I was showing goats. At the time, Lakota, my little goat, was not even 1 year old. He was exhausted from the show day and fell asleep on a family member’s lap.

When I’m Not at Cherished Companions, You’ll Find Me…

I love hanging out with my friends and family. You will also find me watching movies, shopping, walking, hiking and camping.

My Education:

Community College of Denver, Associates Degree of Applied Science to be a Veterinarian Technician
Northeastern Junior College, Associates Degree of General Studies

My Role at Cherished Companions:

I am a certified veterinarian technician here at the clinic. I’ve always had a love for animals. I am proud to be there for someone’s pet the same way a nurse would be there for me.

Greatest Thing About Working with Animals:

I enjoy working with animals because its a certain kind of challenge one has to be prepared for. Also, when the animals are babies, they are pretty cute!

Favorite Compliment from a Customer:

“You have a great bedside manner.”
“She is so helpful!”

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