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Andie, Veterinary Technician


Castle Rock, CO

My Education:

B.S. in Biological Sciences, M.S. in Biomedical Engineering

Career Choice:

Since childhood, I’ve had a soft spot for animals. Working as a technician at CCAC provides me the opportunity to work with animals and improve their health and life everyday.

My Favorite Pet Memory:

Growing up we had a golden retriever named Buddy. Like all golden retrievers, he was a serious counter surfer and would eat anything left unmonitored. Buddy ate sticks of butter, slices of pizza and even a whole butter braid. The worst was when he ate a piece of toast right from my hand. It was hard to get mad at him because he looked so cute while stealing food.

My Role at Cherished Companions:

Veterinary Technician

Greatest Thing About Working with Animals:

Animals are sincere creatures, showing you their true self. Its refreshing to work with such honest beings.

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