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New Pets

Choosing a Good Veterinarian? Consider the Vet’s Philosophy

April 20th, 2016 by Cherished Companions Animal Clinic

An adorable labradoodle puppy sits in a red wagon.

When choosing a good veterinarian, ask about the vet’s philosophy for providing care. It can play a huge role in shaping the experience that you and your furry friend have at the veterinarian!


Kitten Vaccinations For Your Feline Friend

December 27th, 2015 by Cherished Companions Animal Clinic

Adeline, a gray kitten, has received all of her kitten vaccinations.

Have a new kitty? Here are 3 important kitten vaccinations

Congratulations on adding a kitten to your family! Those big ears. Those wide eyes. That playful personality. Have you fallen in love yet? We hope so!

We’d like to introduce you to important kitten vaccinations for your Colorado kitty. Kitten vaccinations can help protect your feline friend from many serious health problems.

We’ve also put together a few tips about the kitten vaccination process. (Think of these tips as a little extra catnip.) Scroll down to learn the essentials.

Okay, let’s chat about kitten vaccinations for Colorado cats…


Parvo in Puppies: Preventing and Treating Parvovirus

May 4th, 2015 by Dr. Carissa Huebert

Sara hopes her new pup oesn't have any signs of parvo in puppies.

Let me describe a scenario for you…

A father and daughter come into our Castle Rock veterinary clinic carrying a small puppy. They recently got the puppy from a friend, and they’ve been having fun playing with it and getting to know it.

However, there’s a reason they’re bringing the puppy to us.


How to Make Your Castle Rock Vet Visit Less Stressful

March 16th, 2015 by Cherished Companions Animal Clinic


We know you share our desire to make your cat or dog feel as safe and comfortable as possible, whether you’re visiting our Castle Rock veterinary clinic or you’re caring for your pet at home.

Check out our veterinarians’ simple tips on how to make your Castle Rock vet visit less stressful. You should be able to use many of these tips to make in-home pet care a little easier too.

These tips tend to work best if you can start with a puppy or kitten. With that said, if your grown dog or cat is open to them, great!


Have a New Puppy? Important Puppy Vaccinations

January 19th, 2015 by Cherished Companions Animal Clinic

Jolene and Mark prepare Juneau for his initial puppy vaccinations

Time for Your Puppy Vaccinations?

Do you have a new puppy? If yes, congratulations on the newest member of your family! You’re in for a wonderful adventure. Cherished Companions is ready to help you start strong with worry-free puppy vaccinations.

Whether this is your first puppy or you could use a little puppy refresher, we want to introduce you to four important puppy vaccinations for Colorado dogs. These vaccinations can protect your pup from a range of serious illnesses.

If you’re new to the puppy vaccination process, our veterinarians always conduct an exam first to make sure your puppy is healthy enough to receive the vaccines. (Learn more in: Pet vaccinations – 8 great questions from Colorado pet parents.)

Ready to learn about puppy vaccinations for Colorado dogs? Let’s go! (more…)

Pet Vaccinations: 8 Great Questions from Colorado Pet Parents

October 8th, 2014 by Cherished Companions Animal Clinic

Linda is taking her puppy to the vet for pet vaccinations.

We love that Castle Rock pet families like to be “in the know,” particularly when it comes to your puppies and kittens! We’ve put together some of the best questions we’re asked about pet vaccinations. We want to help you feel comfortable with the pet vaccination process.

(Want to learn more about pet vaccinations for adult dogs and cats? Check out our pet vaccination services.)


Pet Neutering and Spaying in Castle Rock

September 22nd, 2014 by Cherished Companions Animal Clinic

At five months, this male kitten will go through cat neutering.

If you’ve recently added a little one to your pet family, we hope you’re enjoying life with your puppy or kitten. We know how fun and hectic the initial months can be.

To help you navigate your pet’s initial healthcare needs, we’ve created this article on pet neutering and spaying in Castle Rock. We want to put your mind at ease about the neutering and spaying process.


Microchipping Pets: What Every Pet Parent Should Know

August 18th, 2014 by Cherished Companions Animal Clinic

Susan wants to know about microchipping pets - like her new puppy!

So you’re thinking about microchipping pets in Castle Rock… 

The question is, does this form of pet identification make sense for your dogs and cats?

Here are useful things to know about microchipping pets, so you can make a good decision for your pet family.


How to Pet Proof Your House for a New Dog or Cat

June 30th, 2014 by Cherished Companions Animal Clinic

Cat_getting house ready

Whether you’re preparing your house for your first pet or you simply need a quick refresher, here are tips on how to pet proof your house for a new dog or cat — including ideas from Houzz and the Denver Post.


5 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Buy or Adopt a Pet in Castle Rock

May 19th, 2014 by Cherished Companions Animal Clinic

Adopting a Cat in Castle Rock

Ah, it’s that time of year when you can’t help but notice pet adoption events taking place across Castle Rock, Colorado.

But if you’re about to find yourself with a wiggly puppy in your arms or a cuddly kitten purring in your ear, there are five essential questions to ask yourself before you buy or adopt a pet. With a little forethought, you can choose a great dog or cat for your family, ensuring you and your pet will be very happy together.

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