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Chelsi, CVT, Lead Technician

Chelsi, CVT, Lead Technician


Sedalia, CO

My Favorite Story About A Pet:

My two pound yorkie, Kaya, is always so excited to see me whether it has been hours or mere minutes. I can check the mail and come back inside to a dog that is literally so elated to see me! Nothing is better than feeling so loved and appreciated by your little fur-baby!

When I’m Not at Cherished Companions, You’ll Find Me…

I love hanging out with my friends and family. You will also find me watching movies, shopping, walking, hiking and camping.

My Education:

Community College of Denver, Associates Degree of Applied Science to be a Veterinarian Technician
Northeastern Junior College, Associates Degree of General Studies

My Role at Cherished Companions:

I am a certified veterinarian technician here at the clinic. I help assist doctors with exams, diagnostics, treatments and surgeries. I’ve always had a love for animals! I am proud to be there for someone’s pet the same way a nurse would be there for me.

Greatest Thing About Working with Animals:

I enjoy working with animals because its a certain kind of challenge one has to be prepared for. They can’t tell us what is wrong, so to help them find comfort is very rewarding to me.

Favorite Compliment from a Customer:

I always appreciate when I’m recognized from previous appointments! I find it complimenting to know that I made a difference in the life of you and your pet worthy enough to be remembered.

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