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Cathy with JD and Cabo

Sedalia, CO (born in Denver). I am a 3rd generation native.

My Pet Family:

I live with 3 dogs:

Gabby – a 60+ lb, Black Mouth Cur dog.  She is very exotic looking and full of energy. She dances on her hind legs, and she likes to take my hand in her mouth and walk with me when I come home.

Cabo – A wonderful Jack Russell. A friend gave him to me when he was displaced by a former owner. He loves to be cuddled and watch TV with me. He barks and runs for the door when a doorbell rings on TV. I don’t have a doorbell! He is a character.

JD – My real rescue … what was I thinking? He was a medical mess when he came to the clinic: bladder stones, a previous fight wound and he was somewhat disfigured in the face. We fixed him and I took him … the poor guy had been placed in 5 other homes before I took him. He is now happy, and he does rule the house! He is very athletic and when I feed him or he wants in the door, he looks like a Mexican jumping bean. He will jump up and push his front feet into my back while I am trying to get his food. It really is funny to watch at the door because he can jump for a really long time and not get tired while woofing at me the whole time!

Gina – My black and white tuxedo cat tolerates the dogs. She likes to observe from the top of the kitchen cabinets. She is a great mouser as well. She loves to be brushed.

Iggy – He is a Red-Lore Amazon parrot. Everyone wants to hold or touch him, but he is very picky about who can handle him. He talks some, and he is really good about imitating the phone when it rings. When he is bored, he will start to sound like the phone because he knows that someone will run to answer it … then he laughs!

When I’m Not at Cherished Companions, You’ll Find Me…

I have 3 horses, a mule, sheep, goats, chickens and geese, so I spend a lot of time at the barn. I like to ride, ski, garden and can what I grow. I still help out at the Douglas County Fair, and I was a past 4H Superintendent and leader.

Career Choice:

I love working with the animals and have always wanted to increase my knowledge to provide the best care for them.  They only want your kindness, and in return, they give their unconditional love.

I try to share my experiences (and there are a lot of them) with our clients and find solutions to their problems. I try to make them feel at home here in our clinic. I have long-time clients who come in and say, “You are still here, I’m so glad to see you.” I’m a familiar face to many.

I have been with the practice since 1988 with Dr Anderson, who then sold to Dr Melanie.  I continue to learn more every day, and I really do LOVE my job!

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