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Dr. Kelly


St. Joseph, Missouri

My Pet Family:

I have five cats: Crystal, Coral, Opal, Havarti, and Scream Bean. Crystal is a lynx point Siamese, grumpy, neurotic, and doesn’t like others. Coral and Opal are my two seal point Siamese. Coral has a stuffed dog bone that’s half her size she carries around. Opal is a klepto and steals pens, coins, paperclips, trash, anything and everything. Scream Bean is a gorgeous long-haired lynx point Siamese. Her name comes from the fact that she is full of drama with beans for brains.

I also have three snakes—Rava and Frostbite are corn snakes, and Reggie is a boa constrictor. I rescued Reggie as a 6-year-old snake from a home with improper husbandry and no socialization.


When I’m Not at Cherished Companions, You’ll Find Me…

Rock climbing with my husband or at home being smothered in cats while I read, draw, or mother my numerous houseplants.

My Education:

Truman State University in Kirksville, MO for my undergrad degree with a BS in Biology, then on to Ross University for vet school on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean. My clinical year was completed at the University of Wisconsin.

Why I Became a Vet:

I’ve wanted to be a vet since I was five years old when I discovered an animal doctor existed. Before that, I wanted to be a paleontologist because I was obsessed with dinosaurs.

My Role at Cherished Companions:

Associate Veterinarian

The Greatest Thing About Working With Animals Is…

They are so forgiving. Their love is unconditional and building a relationship with you and your pet is very rewarding for me.

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