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Dr. Van


Amarillo, Texas

My Pet Family: 

I have two female Labrador retrievers: Bonnie, who is 10, and a 2-year-old named Midnight, who was rescued when she was hit by a car and needed surgery on a fractured femur. I did the surgery myself, repairing the leg with plates and screws. Now she runs like the wind!

When I’m Not at Cherished Companions, You’ll Find Me:

On my ranch on the western slope near Olathe, Colorado. I stay in town for four nights during my work week and then head home to the ranch.

My Education

I earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science in 1978, a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science in 1980, and my DVM in 1981—all from Texas A&M University.

Why I Became A Vet:

I was raised in a farming and ranching environment in the Texas Panhandle, and since my mom wanted in a doctor in the family, veterinary medicine was my career choice.  

My Role at Cherished Companions:


The Greatest Thing About Working With Animals Is…

Saving lives 9-5! I enjoy fixing stuff. Every day is always a new and challenging day in veterinary medicine!

Favorite Compliment From a Customer:

I have had two clients tell me I saved their lives. Both of them were clients who had symptoms that were similar to a dog with Addison’s disease. I helped diagnose their Addison’s Disease when a medical doctor didn’t catch it!

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