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January 16th, 2024 by wptangerine

Bio coming soon.

Jess – Vet Assistant

October 23rd, 2023 by Justin Vandeberghe

I am originally from the east coast, Long Island, NY! Grew up about 15 minutes from the beach and was there any chance that I could get. Moved to Colorado two years ago for a change in quality of life.

My Harper Grace, the GOODEST girl who makes me laugh and has a better personality than most human beings. She loves to love and be loved, could quite possibly make friends with a tree and LOVES that her bestie, Bucky, is with her at work when she is here. She is easily the best decision I have ever made.

If I am not working you can find me getting lost on an adventure with Harper, trying new outdoor activities, or coaching/working out at my crossfit gym.

I have my BA in psychology and am looking to further my career in the medical field.

Full time vet tech & dog mom.

They say I am here to tech however I think my muscles get taken advantage of and I am used to be the restrainer of the big crazy dogs and for some comic relief.

We have the opportunity to help animals when they can’t help themselves and I think it can be one of the most rewarding jobs when you genuinely make a difference for them.

It looks like you workout, not everyone can hold my dog like that.

Brittany – Vet Assistant

October 23rd, 2023 by Justin Vandeberghe

Hometown: Elizabeth, CO – This is a small rural community east of Castle Rock. There, I grew up riding horses and participating in 4-H!

Pet Family: Currently, I own an American Quarter Horse named Smoke and a Corgi named Dolly May. Smoke and I have been a team for around 5 years now and we currently compete in Reined Cowhorse Competitions. I have also rode smoke in many parades and rodeos as a local rodeo queen in high school. Dolly is the newest addition to my family. I adopted her as a puppy while I was in college and she turned into the best college dog ever. She is spicy and opinionated, but brings a lot of joy into my life.

When I am not at the clinic: You can find me in the barn! My horse stays with my family’s other 5 horses in Elizabeth, so naturally there is always something to do in the barn. Horses are one of my passions and I love to ride and spend time outside with them.

Education: I got my Bachelors of Science from the University of Wyoming where I studied Animal and Veterinary Science. My degree is focused on Production Livestock, Equine Science, and Animal Biology.

Career Choice: I have always been around animals my entire life and have always enjoyed caring for them. From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to have a career with animals and it wasn’t until college where I discovered my passion for medicine and biology. I chose to work in Vet Med because it allows me to provide care for a large variety of animals while working in medicine. This field encourages me to learn new things everyday which is something I enjoy.

Role at CCAC: Here at the clinic, my job is to be a Veterinary Technician Assistant.

Greatest thing about working with animals: The greatest thing about working with animals is being able to bring peace and resolutions to the families. Growing up with animals, I know that every pet plays a key role in the family. I have been blessed with a lot of great animals in my life and have always looked up to the people who were able to help them in a crisis or even for year to year check ups. I am thrilled to be able to contribute that to the families who visit CCAC.

Favorite compliment: The greatest compliment a customer can give is a smile as they leave! That makes me feel good knowing they are happy with the service we provided.

Scarlett – Vet Assistant

October 23rd, 2023 by Justin Vandeberghe

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in southern California in a small horse town with my family. We had pgs, goats, horses, dogs and lots of other fun animals. This is where I found my passion for veterinary medicine.

What pets do you have?
I have a German Shepherd named Gator. He is a very goofy and sweet boy that I love with my whole heart. He is friendly with everyone he meets and lves playing fetch any chance we get.

What do you do in your free time?
In my free time I enjoy hiking with Gator, finding lakes for him to swim in and going to my parents’ house to hang out with my family. Anything outdoors is right up my alley.

I was previously pursuing a degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in pre-veterinary medicine. Since then I have decided to go a different route and decided on diagnostic sonography. I still have a huge passion for animals and will thoroughly enjoy my time here while in school.

Role at CCAC?
My role here at Cherished Companions is a veterinary assistant.

Greatest thing about working with animals?
I love working with animals because it gives me a chance to connect with the and help with whatever they need. They exude nothing but love (most of the time) so I enjoy being able to return that favor to them.

Favorite compliment from a customer?
My favorite compliment from a customer was when I helped a couple give insulin to their diabetic dog. I ended up growing a close bond with them and received a card talking about how grateful they are for my help.

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