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Customer Reviews: Care for Older Cats

An older cat gazes at the camera.

“I appreciated the quick and courteous service”

I had a sudden emergency with a very old cat. I was able to get an appointment immediately even though I had never been there before. I appreciated the quick and courteous service, and the visit was reasonable.

I’m glad to say the cat is still with me. If she needs further care in the future, I will be going to Cherished Companions again.

Sandy M., Castle Rock, CO

“Very happy”

I had just flown in from a two-week vacation and found my cat to be very lethargic and in a bunch of pain. I called Cherished Companions immediately, and they were completely full for the day. However, Dr. Melanie said that if I dropped my cat off, she would work him in between patients. Boy, am I glad she did, I found out that he was diabetic and had a major infection. He is 16 years old, so his life and health were at risk. If she wouldn’t have taken him, I would have had to go to an emergency center which would have been double the cost.

As a single parent with multiple pets in the house, I was very happy that Dr. Melanie was able to take a look at my cat and get him stabilized.

Isabella L., Castle Rock, CO

“My cat is comfortable and content”

When my very old cat began falling over suddenly when trying to walk, I thought the end was near for her. However, they were willing to try to help her by offering an affordable medication. She improved and is still with me. Nothing will reverse the aging process; however, my cat is comfortable and content. Thanks to your staff.

Sandy M., Castle Rock, CO

“I would highly recommend to anyone in Castle Rock”

Cherished Companions has been fantastic for both of my kitties. One of our cats is a senior and has developed some quirky health issues over the last couple of years. The vets have been fantastic helping us solve the root issues of the symptoms, which we really needed! They also only charge for services that you truly need, and I don’t ever feel like I’m paying too much for the services they provide. Overall, I would highly recommend to anyone in Castle Rock!

Megan G., Castle Rock, CO

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