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Customer Reviews: Care for Nervous Dogs

Henry hides behind the fence. He gets nervous going to the vet.

“We will not go anyplace else”

Our dog can be a bit grumpy at times, and everyone at Cherished Companions always handles him extremely well. They work with him, and now my dog loves when we make trips to the vet. We will not go anyplace else!

Tyler D., Castle Rock, CO

“The staff is so great with my quirky boxer”

I absolutely love this place. The staff  is so great with my quirky boxer and her protective personality. She has 3 cysts right now, and instead of pushing surgery, they said we will just keep monitoring. They don’t just try to sell you services. They do what’s best for everyone involved.

Valerie S., Castle Rock, CO

“Warm and welcoming”

All of the staff members were warm and welcoming! My sensitive dog usually shakes uncontrollably at our previous vet clinics, and he was so relaxed that he actually fell asleep! Cherished Companions is definitely our new vet clinic and I will be telling all my friends to switch! Thank you!

Shelly O., Castle Rock, CO

“They handle my two big dogs well”

The appointment was quick and easy. They handle my two big dogs well, even though both were a bit nervous! They spend time answering any questions one may have. A very nice, friendly, knowledgeable staff!

Becky C., Castle Rock, CO

“Cherished Companions was amazing”

I’ve used a variety of vets over the years. Being new to Castle Rock, it can be hard to find a new vet that you and your animals are comfortable with. Cherished Companions was amazing. My male Vizsla usually hates the vet, but he had a very comfortable experience thanks to the amazing staff and vet! Thanks!

Kyle S., Castle Rock, CO

Feel at ease at the vet

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“Worked with [my dog] every step of the way”

My German Shepherd gets vocal and excited, and that comes off as aggressive with other animals. They worked with her every step of the way to make sure everyone was happy.

Rebecca L., Castle Rock, CO

“The visit went better than expected… Thank you for all your kindness”

I was pleased that Tres’ could be seen on such short notice since he had never been to Cherished Companions before. He can be aggressive if people come in through a closed door without him knowing who they are, and that was not a problem.

They were very kind in how they approached him.

My daughter said that Dr. Jeff was great with Tres’ and took really good care of him. She was also grateful that he could get his nails trimmed too. She has had a hard time finding anyone she felt could do that without Tres’ or her getting upset. The visit went way better than expected, and I was glad Tres’ was finally seen by a vet and had his shots.

Tres’ is a sweetheart and very gentle once he knows you. So thank you for all your kindness.

Lois C., Castle Rock, CO

“I was very impressed”

Ginger is very afraid and protective. Not a great combo. But everyone knew what to do. She was taken back without me, so she was not being protective. No muzzle was needed. I was very impressed. She did well, and our appointment was great.

Tiffany B., Castle Rock, CO

“Thank you for always putting my fears at ease”

Everyone has treated my dog like he is family. He always gets TLC, even though as a Chihuahua, he can sometimes be territorial. Thank you for always putting my fears at ease, even if he is just getting his teeth cleaned. 🙂

Aimee V., Castle Rock, CO

“Toby was treated with respect and thoughtfulness”

Toby was treated with respect and thoughtfulness, which helped him not be nervous since this was his first time. Thank you all.

Eva Z., Castle Rock, CO

“Pups felt comfortable”

The staff is so friendly, and Pups felt comfortable. He wasn’t afraid at all. Thanks for the good work.

Jeanne M., Castle Rock, CO

“Highly recommend them”

This was my first visit with my dog, Tucker. He is a 3-year-old rescue and is a little nervous. They were excellent taking time to greet him and win his trust!

Technician Carolyn took great care with his ear issue. Dr. Jeffrey was great too! We have been customers taking our dogs and cat there with Dr. Mel for over 25 years.

I trust them. They are very fair and reasonable. They look out for the animals and help them to live long, happy, comfortable lives. I highly recommend them.

Jerry D., Castle Rock, CO

“Everyone is friendly and upbeat”

As usual, I had a good experience — from my call for an appointment to my interactions with the staff. Everyone is friendly and upbeat. The veterinarian that looked at my dog, Callie, did so in a way to keep her as calm as possible and gave me all the possibilities of what might be causing her problem.

Kathie C., Highlands Ranch, CO

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