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Customer Reviews: Care for Sick Pets

A sick dog sleeps in a dog bed.

“Top-notch care”

Our pup was not feeling well and began to crash, so we checked out vet availability in Castle Rock. We took a chance and called Cherished Companions, and they got us in within a couple hours. After a preliminary exam, Dr. Ivy ordered tests, which determined that Riley had become diabetic. She spent lots of time educating us as to a regimen including injectables and diet. We were also impressed with Samantha, the technician, for her sensitivity and knowledge.

We were shocked at how reasonable our bill was.

I would not hesitate to recommend Cherished Companions to anyone who is seeking top-notch care for their pet.

Allyn P., Castle Rock, CO

“Would definitely recommend this office”

We drove in from out of town and noticed our little Westie had an ear infection. We were able to be seen that day. He was quickly diagnosed and we were sent on our way with the meds to make him feel better! I would definitely recommend this office to others.

Deborah E., Franklin, CO

“Very professional and did an excellent job”

Kitty, our 10-year-old cat, recently suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. We left her at our daughter’s apartment during a one-week vacation, and she freaked out. Even after we brought her home, Kitty seldom left the confines of her under-bed sanctuary. This was definitely not her normal behavior. Kitty is a highly social cat and enjoys our company, so we were concerned. Also, during our vacation, Kitty developed a lump on her right rear leg.

After examining her, the vet at Cherished Companions thought Kitty would resume her normal behavior within a day or two, which she did. Fortunately, the lump turned out to be nothing more than a fatty tumor.

The vet who examined Kitty was very professional and did an excellent job. The technician who assisted also was fantastic.

Kitty, my wife, and I all were very satisfied with the service we received.

Anthony S., Castle Rock, CO

“Very kind in helping us”

Our poor lab mix was scratching to the point of making her ear bleed due to allergies. The receptionist was kind in helping us with a plan to make her comfortable until we could get her in for an appointment, which put our mind at ease. Dr. Jeffrey was awesome with her and gave my husband a diagnosis right away. A few hours later, with the help of some meds, she was back to her spunky, sweet self. Thank you! 

Kara H., Castle Rock, CO

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“I appreciate you getting us in so fast”

I appreciate you getting us in so fast and helping to diagnose our dog. She is feeling much better, eating this morning, and is resting well. Thank you.

Michele C., Castle Rock, CO

“Everyone was so nice and so loving”

I was so worried that this might be something major and was relieved when it was not. Everyone was so nice and so loving to Dakota. The bill was not outrageous either, so I was very happy. I also appreciated the tips on extra fiber and the free recheck. Some offices will not do that.

Overall, I expected the worst, but I was relieved that Dakota will be ok and it did not cost me an arm and a leg. Thanks for such great treatment!

Raymond R., Larkspur, CO 

“Very kind, compassionate and thorough”

Our dog was sick, and we were very worried that it was serious. Dr. Christen and the nurse were wonderful — very kind, compassionate and thorough! We had the best experience possible! 

Steven K., Highlands Ranch, CO

“The staff was as concerned and caring as me”

My sweet Mika went from not feeling good to needing an IV in about a day and a half. The staff was as concerned and caring as me. Shout out to Dr. Melanie and Tech Chelsi for their quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. After IV fluids and appropriate medication, everything was back to normal in just a few days.

My utmost appreciation for the compassion I received in a stressful time for all.

Scott S., Castle Rock, CO

“Put our minds at ease”

Max (our 5 1/2 yr, old Morkie) was very quiet and not jumping up on our couch or taking stairs. He is usually very energetic, and we were concerned. Cherished Companions gave us an appointment right away.

Dr. Jeff gave him a thorough exam, probably the best one Max has ever received. He found no bone breakage or back or leg problems. He asked all the appropriate questions as to other things Max was doing, as in eating, sleeping, etc. Those systems were fine.

So Dr. Jeff proceeded to tell us that this might be from Max’s sleeping in an uncomfortable position or perhaps straining his back muscles at some point. He prescribed a liquid anti-inflammatory once a day for Max as needed going forward. A day later, Max is still a little tentative, but taking stairs and jumping up on the couch with much more ease.

We felt Dr. Jeff’s thoroughness and his great care in relating with Max put our minds at ease, and hopefully each day will be better. He is a marvelous addition to the staff.

David and Jane H., Castle Rock, CO

“Have always been happy with their medical care”

My lab, Jenny, has laryngeal problems and was coughing incessantly. I was able to make an appointment for her within an hour of my phone call, and we were seen immediately upon arrival. X-rays were recommended, which showed no obstructions, but put my mind at ease.

I take all four of my dogs to Cherished Companions and have always been happy with their medical care. Also, the staff is always professional.

Allen S., Castle Rock, CO

“Procedures and tests were explained to me”

Rosey was taken care of very well. I was able to get an appointment same day she wasn’t feeling well. Procedures and tests were explained to me, and she was treated with care. She’s resting and is her usual happy self. Thanks.

Maria K., Franktown, CO

“So helpful and compassionate”

The doctors and techs were so helpful and compassionate with giving me information about my very sick dog and discussing our options.

Dorothy S., Castle Rock, CO

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