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Customer Reviews: Euthanasia for Dogs and Cats

Woman and dog look off into the distance at sunset.

“Their compassion was out of this world”

When we had to put our dog down, their compassion was out of this world and made the hardest decision comforting.

Nikki W., Castle Rock, CO

“So thoughtful and so respectful”

I love Cherished Companions. They are always so professional and friendly. I really appreciated their kindness especially during the difficult time when we lost our dog, Tink. They were so thoughtful and so respectful that it made that hard time a little bit easier on us.

Jackie H., Castle Rock, CO

“The staff was so kind and caring”

Cherished Companions is the most compassionate clinic around. We just lost our pup. We had to put her down at the their office. The staff was so kind and so caring. They made it as painless as they possibly could. I highly recommend them.

Melissa C., Castle Rock, CO

“They treated us with such kindness”

Our dear old dog, Ty, needed to be put to sleep. Cherished Companions quickly arranged a time for us to come in, and they treated us with such kindness. We were put into a special room where Ty was put on a soft blanket. The technician came in and explained the procedure. Then we were left to say our good-byes. When it was time, the doctor came in and gently put him to sleep. We were never rushed, and there were hugs all around when it was over.

They are so unbelievably kind and dear. They even sent a note of sympathy to us afterwards.

Review from Angie’s List

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