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Sydney, Veterinary Technician


I was born in San Antonio, TX but grew up in Colorado.

My Pet Family:

I have two cats: Luna is a grey tabby and Colby Jack is orange and the younger of the two. Luna is special because she is the first cat I’ve ever owned. Colby is great because he loves to snuggle but is also super playful. Watching the two of them play together is hours of entertainment.

When I’m Not at Cherished Companions, You’ll Find Me:

I love adventuring so I am typically finding a new trail to hike or camping. I can also be a homebody as well, and I love to read, craft, and hang out with my family.

My Education

I have an associate degree in Biology from Arapahoe Community College, and a bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Colorado State University.  

Career Choice:

My goal is to get into animal rehabilitation, because it is amazing to see sick or injured animals get better. I’d also love to work with marine life in any capacity in the future.

Role at Cherished Companions:

Full time veterinary technician and part-time brain cell.

The Greatest Thing About Working With Animals Is…

I really like getting to know the personalities of all the animals that come in. It is also a perk to be able to play with kittens and puppies every day!

Favorite Complement from a Customer:

“Thank you for being so compassionate and taking care of my dog. I know I can trust you.”

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