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Animal Dentistry

Cinnamon and Sadie recently came in for animal dentistry services.

Looking for a pet dentist in Castle Rock?

You’ll find a variety of dental care services for your dog or cat at our Castle Rock veterinary clinic.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to animal dentistry. That’s why we offer complimentary dental exams, so you can figure out exactly what your pet needs.

(And we won’t lock you into an ongoing contract with dental services your pet may not need!)

We also believe that prevention is much better than pulling teeth.

Our veterinarians will only pull teeth if it’s necessary for your pet’s long-term health and well-being.

Our dental care services for your pet family

Depending on your pet’s needs, our animal dentistry services include:

  • Complimentary dental exams to check your pet’s oral health and recommend the exact dental care your pet needs, if any. It’s a great way to put your mind at ease, and it’s free! (Don’t have time to come in? We also include a dental exam in our annual checkups.)
  • Pet dental cleanings and teeth polishing to clean away plaque, improve your pet’s breath and polish your pet’s teeth. Teeth polishing allows us to smooth the little divets that can occur naturally during cleaning. It slows the buildup of plaque.
  • Fluoride treatments to help strengthen your pet’s teeth and cut down the bacteria that lead to plaque buildup. We include fluoride treatments with every cat or dog dental cleaning.
  • Dental x-rays to examine the roots of your pet’s teeth. Think of your pet’s teeth as icebergs. We can only see one-third above the surface. X-rays help us determine if the teeth are healthy or need to be removed. If your pet is just starting to have an issue, we can start preventive measures immediately and potentially save teeth.
  • Tooth extractions to remove diseased teeth. We use anesthesia and pain medications to help your pet feel as comfortable as possible. And we’ll put your pet on antibiotics to help prevent infections. We also close the site with sutures to ensure food doesn’t get in, reducing the chances of infections. And finally, to speed the healing process, we’re happy to provide laser therapy. (It’s 100% optional.)
  • Bonding and sealing to reduce plaque buildup and try to save fractured teeth. From time to time, pets fracture their teeth. It happens! Rather than resorting to teeth extractions, we often can bond and seal the teeth to fill in the rough divets. (In dogs, a bond or seal typically lasts one to two years because of the way they chew their food.)

Our pet dentistry services are available Tuesday through Friday.

Schedule a time that works well for you!

Call us at 303-688-3757. Or:

Book a visit here 

Smoky is playing like a kitten after her cat dentistry visit.

All that’s included in our cat and dog dental cleanings

When you bring your furry friend into our clinic for a dental cleaning, you can expect:

  • A complete oral health exam
  • Anesthesia
  • A thorough cleaning and polishing of each tooth
  • A fluoride treatment

Our veterinarians conduct a comprehensive review of your pet’s mouth. They evaluate your pet’s teeth, tongue and the back of the throat. They’ll probe each tooth for looseness, pockets and disease.

Cats can get painful lesions at the gum line. The sooner our vets can catch them, the better for your cat’s health.

Dogs can be prone to oral tumors. The earlier we can find them, the better for you and your dog.

After her dog dentistry visit, Jingles is back to playing with the boys.

We’re sometimes asked, “Why do you use anesthesia in your cat and dog dental cleanings?”

Anesthesia allows us to do a thorough cleaning. It’s also less traumatic for your pet.

When your pet is under anesthesia, we can:

  • Clean beneath the gum line and on the interior side of the teeth (areas susceptible to periodontal disease).
  • Polish away divots that can quickly build up with plaque.
  • Probe under the gum line to make sure that each tooth is healthy.
  • Take x-rays, when needed, to see if there is any root damage.

Small dogs, like Wiggles and Snowball, often need more frequent canine dental cleanings.

What pet parents say about our pet dentistry services

“Our whole experience having Paddy’s teeth cleaned could not have been better. Thank you for genuinely treating our dogs, Paddy and Katie, with concern and love.” – Jane R.

“Our cat is not acting like she had two teeth pulled. We’ve followed the post op instructions faithfully giving her pain meds, but we really see no evidence she even had her teeth pulled.” – David K.

“My experience was beyond excellent. I never have a second thought about leaving Shanti in your care, even when putting her under anesthetic to have dental work done. Thanks for putting me at ease.” – Sher M.

Want to keep your pet’s teeth healthy and pain-free?

Call to get your complimentary pet dental exam: 303-688-3757. Or:

Book your visit here 

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