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Feel Comfortable With Our Local, Family Veterinarians

A dog and two kittens cuddle together, completed relaxed

Happy dogs and cats since 2001

From your puppy’s or kitten’s earliest days… through all your adventures to come, you’ll feel more at ease when you visit Cherished Companions — your local, family-run veterinary clinic in Castle Rock: 303-688-3757.

Feel comfortable with our friendly veterinarians & specially-designed clinic

  • A warm welcome when you arrive to feel at home, including complimentary refreshments, a dedicated cat section (to lower your kitty’s anxiety) and a fun play area for your kiddos
  • Clean exam rooms complete with special toys and treats + a caring team that gives plenty of belly rubs and chin scratches to lower your pet’s stress
  • The latest diagnostic tools, so you get an accurate diagnosis quickly and can keep your pet as comfortable as possible
  • Our in-house lab, x-ray and ultrasound capabilities + our on-site pharmacy, so your pet feels better faster and you make great use of time
  • Plentiful private parking, so you feel safe and relaxed
  • A pup-friendly lawn for easy relief

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Feel informed, engaged and valued

From the moment you arrive, to the moment you leave, you’ll know we respect you and value your time.

You can expect our caring team to communicate clearly with you, whether we’re:

  • Asking questions to better understand your experiences
  • Sharing diagnoses in plain language (no “vet talk”)
  • Making care recommendations for your pet’s unique needs
  • Offering you several options for treatment, when possible
  • Openly sharing pricing so you can make educated decisions

Get expert advice to keep your pet happy and healthy

As you’ll see in reviews, your pet will receive care from friendly, knowledgeable and helpful professionals.

All our team members receive monthly Character First training. It’s a program that strengthens character-based leadership skills and relationships in the workplace.

This ensures you receive a higher level of empathy, patient care and service.

Plus, most of our team members have earned advanced degrees, so you’ll benefit from more knowledge.

Feel at ease at the vet

We welcome new pet families! Please call: 303-688-3757 or:

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