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Cat and Dog Annual Exams

Olaf and Sophie stay healthy by coming in for their dog annual exam and cat annual exam.

Like a wellness checkup for people, a pet annual exam allows us to check your pet’s overall health and catch issues early.

Dogs and cats age faster than people. They’re also masters at hiding pain.

That’s why a dog annual exam or a cat annual exam is so important.

A simple health checkup can make a big difference in your pet’s quality of life!

Our Castle Rock veterinary clinic offers dog annual exam and cat annual exam services to pet families across Castle Rock and south Denver.

When you bring your furry friend in for a checkup, you can count on us to:

  • Help your pet (and you!) feel as relaxed as possible. It’s important to us that your dog or cat feels at ease—whether it’s through a warm greeting, a good back rub, fun toys or treats.
  • Tailor our annual health exam to your dog or cat. For example, we don’t make larger dogs get up on exam tables, if possible. We prefer to let them stay on the floor where they’re more comfortable. This also makes it easier for our vets to find abnormalities because your dog isn’t as tense.
  • Clearly communicate with you. We’re happy to answer your questions, listen to any concerns you may have about your pet’s health and clearly share what we find during our exam.

We offer pet checkups Monday through Saturday.

Would you like to schedule a dog annual exam or cat annual exam?

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Bosco was ready for the park after completing his dog annual exam.

How our dog annual exam and cat annual exam visits work

Typically, our annual checkups take up to 30 minutes.

(If your pet has a health issue that could use attention, your appointment may take longer.)

If this is your first visit to our Castle Rock veterinary clinic, we’ll ask you to share a little information when you arrive.

Please bring in your pet’s medical history, if you have it. We’re happy to request that information from your last veterinarian.

Next, you’ll meet with our veterinary technicians. In addition to sharing some love with your pet, they will:

  • Check your pet’s vital signs.
  • Ask you some basic health questions about your pet—similar to what a nurse would do in a doctor’s office.
  • Check your pet’s dental health, looking for any signs of pet dental disease.

If your pet needs a lab test (such as a heartworm test or a geriatric blood test), we’re happy to start it before you visit with our veterinarian, if you’d like.

Next, one of our Castle Rock veterinarians will come in and do a head-to-toe medical exam of your dog or cat—from assessing your pet’s major organs, to checking joints, to looking for skin masses. Our vets will:

  • Answer your questions
  • Discuss their observations with you
  • Recommend next steps if your pet has a health issue that needs more attention

We’re here to help you fully understand what’s going on with your cherished companion!

Zoey is back to her inquisitive self after her cat annual exam.

Feedback on our pet annual exam services

“Great experience. Bella was treated like she was special.” Bill C.

“Our five cats just love Dr. Melanie, and she’s willing to let us schedule one appointment with all, so we don’t have to come in multiple times.” Dawn U.

“I truly love everyone at Cherished Companions! But most of all, my two dogs love everyone there. Thank you for treating my babies like your own.” Cindy H.

“We’ve brought our two Jack Russell Terriers to Cherished Companions for six years. This visit was consistent with our history: Dr. Melanie is punctual, thorough, kind with the dogs, and careful to explain the health and any needed treatments of and for her patients. I especially appreciate the time she spends focusing and listening to whatever topic I bring to the table concerning our pets. The practice is a terrific balance of professionalism and friendliness that makes our pups happy to greet everyone there!” — Jeanne M.

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 After Bailey's dog anual exam, Mike took Bailey out for a jog.

FAQs about our health checkups for pets

Why does an annual checkup matter?

When you bring your pet in for a dog annual exam or a cat annual exam, we can make sure your pet is healthy and catch any issues early.

Ultimately, you can give your cherished companion a fuller and happier life.

Not to mention, catching issues early can help you avoid more expensive and extreme treatment options.

Sometimes, the smallest changessuch as switching pet foodscan make a huge difference in your pet’s quality of life and long-term health.

How often should I bring my dog or cat in for a health exam?

It depends on your dog or cat. With that said, we have some general guidelines.

If your pet is one to seven years old, we recommend a health exam each year for those first seven years of life.

Keep in mind, animals age faster than people do.

If you think about it in human terms, an annual exam for your dog or cat is the same as you visiting your doctor once every three to seven years!

As your pet gets older, we recommend a health exam once every six months.

Older cats and dogs are more likely to have health issues that may not have highly visible signs yet, such as the beginning of arthritis, declining dental health or the start of kidney issues.

Our veterinarians are happy to discuss the ideal checkup schedule for your dog or cat during your next visit.

Want to schedule a dog annual exam or cat annual exam?

Call us at 303-688-3757. Or:

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