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Dog Ultrasounds and Cat Ultrasounds

To her family's relief, Sidney's dog ultrasound showed that her liver was okay!

We’re here to help you figure out what’s going on with your dog or cat, so you can care for your cherished companion in the best way possible

And that’s why a dog ultrasound or a cat ultrasound can be so valuable!

A veterinary ultrasound is a wonderful, non-invasive way to see what’s going in your pet’s abdomen and how serious the issue may be.

It can tell us so much more than an x-ray or blood tests alone.

With insight from an ultrasound, our veterinarians can help you make informed decisions about treatment options for your pets.

Affordable pet ultrasounds for families across Denver

At Cherished Companions in Castle Rock, Colorado, we offer dog ultrasound and cat ultrasound services to pet families across the Denver area.

We’re passionate about making our pet ultrasounds as affordable as possible, so you have money left for treatment.

If we aren’t your regular veterinarians, that’s okay!

We’re happy to type up a dog ultrasound or cat ultrasound report and send it to your vet.

That way, you can ensure your pet gets the seamless care he or she needs.

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Seven-year-old Maggie holds her kitty before a cat ultrasound appointment.

Cat ultrasound services in Castle Rock

A cat ultrasound can give us insight into a variety of issues that may be affecting your cat’s abdomen.

For example, if your cat has elevated kidney readings, an abdominal ultrasound can be extremely helpful.

Cats can develop fluid pockets around their kidneys, which we can see with a cat ultrasound. If we drain that pocket, it can help slow your cat’s kidney disease from progressing.

Cats also are prone to kidney infections.

A cat ultrasound can help us determine whether your cat is suffering from a kidney infection or chronic kidney disease.

If action is taken soon enough, we can treat the issue and stop the progression of renal disease.

Some cats develop inflammatory bowel disease, small cell lymphoma and large cell lymphoma.

These diseases range from being mild to very serious conditions.

A cat ultrasound gives our veterinarians more clarity on:

  • What’s going on
  • How aggressive we need to be in treatment
  • And whether it’s time to discuss putting your kitty to sleep, so he or she doesn’t suffer

These conversations are never easy. But with an ultrasound, you’ll have the information you need to make the best decisions for your pet family.

Rest easy, more often than not, a veterinary ultrasound can be used to catch issues early and help your cat live a fuller, happier life.

After her cat ultrasound visit, Jasmine is back to her relaxed self.

Dog ultrasound services in Castle Rock

A dog ultrasound can shed light on a variety of suspicious issues in your dog.

For example, many dogs develop tumors in their livers and spleens. A dog ultrasound can tell us whether the tumors are bleeding, how severe they are and what the best next steps may be.

Some dogs develop problems in their gallbladders.

If you wait, these issues can turn into surgical emergencies.

The good news is you can catch them in time with dog ultrasounds.

Ideally, the information from the ultrasound can help us pursue non-emergency treatment options for your pup, which are typically lower risk and much less expensive than emergency care.

After her dog ultrasound, Abby is relaxing with her girls.

Feedback on our veterinary ultrasound services

“I would highly recommend this animal clinic. Although Castle Rock is quite a ways from where I live, I needed to find an affordable place to perform an ultrasound on my black lab mix. I was quite pleased with the service. From the front desk staff to Dr. Melanie, everyone was so nice and pleasant. Dr. Melanie was also very informative. She seemed genuinely concerned about the issue my dog was experiencing.” –Teresa P.

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