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Veterinary Surgery

Smoky recently visited our animal clinic for veterinary surgery. He is recovering well!

We make our veterinary surgery as safe and worry-free as possible for your dog or cat, so you can rest easy.

At our Castle Rock veterinary clinic, we understand how stressful it can be when your furry friend needs veterinary surgery.

We’re here to help you and your pet feel at ease!

Our veterinary team will give your pet the best care possible.

You can expect us to:

  • Communicate clearly to answer your questions and ease your worries.
  • Tailor our surgical care to your pet’s unique needs. This includes adjusting the anesthesia (when it’s needed) to your dog or cat, carefully monitoring your pet, and choosing specific medications that will make your pet more comfortable.
  • Help you speed the healing process with a laser treatment. It’s 100% optional.
  • Personally follow up with you by phone after surgery to let you know you know how your pet is doing.

Our veterinarians care for cats and dogs from Castle Rock, Parker, Castle Pines, Sedalia, south metro Denver and more.

Do you think your pet may need veterinary surgery?
Call us at 303-688-3757.
We’re open Monday through Saturday.

Brian took Marley to our clinic to check out a dog paw injury, earning him a big lick!

Our veterinary surgery services for small animals

Our veterinary surgery services for cats and dogs include:

  • Neuters and spays.
  • Cat wound care, such as mending bite wounds from wildlife or other cats.
  • Dog wound care, including mending dog cuts, paw pad injuries and lacerations from fence nails, lawn edging, barbed wire, cactus, dog bites and wildlife encounters. (Douglas County dogs face many hazards!)
  • Cat foreign body removals, from dental floss and tree tinsel, to plastic.
  • Dog foreign body removals, from bones and rocks, to socks and bedding. (We’ve treated dogs with some adventurous tastes!)
  • Mass removals, such as removing an abnormal lump from below your pet’s skin or a large abscess.
  • Skin tag removals.
  • Spleen removals.
  • Bladder stone removals.
  • Biopsies of the liver, small intestines, stomach and pancreas.

Susan's daughters give Cupcake some love in the weeks after her cat surgery.

Scheduling pet surgery with our veterinarians

For the fastest service, please call us at 303-688-3757 if your dog or cat:

  • Has a cut, laceration or wound.
  • Has swallowed a foreign body.
  • Seems to have a swollen abdomen.
  • Seems to be unusually tired and inactive.

That way, we can make sure no time is wasted in caring for your pet.

In most situations, we can get you in the same day.

If your pet needs timely attention and we just don’t have the capacity to take care of your pet in the way that he or she deserves, we’ll refer you to an emergency clinic.

We want to ensure your pet can be treated right away!

You can schedule many of our veterinary surgery services in advance, including spays, neuters and mass removals.

If you’ve noticed a mass on your dog or cat, we’ll set up a time for your pet to come in, so we can probe the mass and determine whether it needs to be removed.

If it does, we’ll schedule your pet’s surgery in the following days.

Wags, the dog, is back to full health after a recent dog paw injury.

Feedback on our veterinary surgery services

“Everyone was very nice. It’s obvious that everyone loves the animals they work with. They called me when my dog got out of surgery to tell me how she did and what to expect. It was awesome to not have to wait until pick-up the next day to see how she was doing.” Danielle W., Parker

“Our dog cut his foot late in the day. We called Cherished Companions, and they said to come right in. When we got there, they had a room cleaned and ready for us. We were well taken care of, and they even stayed later into the evening as our dog ended up needing stitches. We felt our dog was well taken care of and we appreciate all that was done! So glad Cherished Companions is here in Castle Rock!” Sheryl S., Castle Rock

We serve cats and dogs from Castle Rock, to Larkspur, to Littleton.
Call us at 303-688-3757.

Muffin and Puddle feel at ease cuddling together.

Veterinary surgery FAQs

Why do you occasionally refer pets to emergency clinics or specialists?

As much as we’d love to treat your dog or cat ourselves, our top priority is to make sure every pet gets the best care possible.

While rare, there are times we may just not have the capacity to give your pet the immediate care and attention he or she needs.

Or, there may be times when a veterinary specialist may be a better fit for your pet’s unique needs.

In these instances, we’ll refer you to others, so your furry friend can get optimal care.

Will you keep my pet overnight?

It depends on the type of veterinary surgery your pet needs.

For example, if our Castle Rock veterinarians are stitching a small cut or removing a small mass, you may be able to take your pet home that day.

If we’re removing your pet’s spleen or a foreign body, your furry friend may be with us for a few days.

Or, we may send your pet to an emergency clinic after the surgery for more comprehensive recovery care.

Is anesthesia safe for my dog or cat?

While there is always a slight amount of risk with anesthesia, we minimize the risk as much as we possibly can.

We monitor your pet’s oxygen level, heart rate and blood pressure. We also place an IV catheter and connect IV fluids, so we can stabilize your pet’s blood pressure and quickly administer medication, if needed.

Is my dog or cat too old for pet surgery?

In general, older pets are at an increased risk for complications with anesthesia.

With that said, certain types of veterinary surgeries such as minor mass removals may extend and improve the quality of your pet’s life.

Because every pet is different, we’re happy to discuss what makes the most sense for your dog or cat.

Do you have questions about our veterinary surgery services?
We’d be happy to answer them: 303-688-3757.

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